A Brief History of Robert Kuntz

Robert Kuntz

Robert Kuntz is an Entrepreneur, programmer, software developer, graphic artist and media producer based out of Cocoa Beach, Florida.


He started in the print shops as a printer, then an artist, then eventually opening his own print shop. Robert moved into electronic media with the advent of the Internet in the mid 90s, helping set pace for the early days of Internet Marketing, and the foundation to what would become social media marketing.

Since his introduction to the Internet, he has become an avid technology marketer, creating and leading the development on software marketing and commerce systems that have been used by countless-thousands of people around the world.

Robert KuntzRobert Kuntz has not only worked as a freelance consultant and independent developer and marketer, he has also held numerous positions with marketing and media agencies that span from Director of Marketing, Chief Technology Officer to even Chief Executive Officer.

Robert Kuntz is also a single, full-time father to his teenage son, Jaden Kuntz, who is an aspiring film maker and artist.