Hello world!

Kuntz family crest

Robert Kuntz here…

This is my first post on my new site, so I thought I would start out with the Kuntz Family Crest and a brief overview of our family history.

Our family comes from a German heritage, with what we can tell, and early settlement into the US from our family migrating from Europe in the 1800 possibly, but it’s hard to tell with so many Kuntz tribes.

Our family history is full of interesting and creative characters that span from musicians and world champion prize fighters, to artists and architects. There’s no wonder our family is creative work-aholics!

Kuntz means “professional” and certainly defines everyone from my father, a successful Entrepreneur and businessman, myself, a software developer, graphics artist and marketer, to my 15 year old son, who is an avid videographer and filmmaker.

Robert Kuntz and Family