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Robert Kuntz

Robert KuntzGirls have a melt down if someone at the party has the same attire as they do. Guys, they high five!

Robert Kuntz is a 45 year old Entrepreneur with skills and experience in marketing, software development, graphic design, media production and business growth and management.


Bill Ganz recommends Robert Kuntz“Robert Kuntz is a very valuable visionary when it comes to graphics, web mechanics, social architecture and internet marketing. Robert is a valuable colleague and someone you can trust with your brand. His years of experience and his understanding of psychology integrated with technology is the best I have seen. If you’re in the market for someone to help you translate your brand online with social media and internet marketing – Robert and his staff are your go-to Team.
~Bill Ganz”

Robert Kuntz is currently the founder and developer for Pazazz Social, a new social network and social search engine, and can be found at

He’s held many executive level positions with media and marketing firms, ranging from CMO, CTO and CEO.