Rule of Gods is Up and Rolling

Rule of Gods

Rule of Gods is off to a grand start as an exciting new indie game development project by father/son team, Robert and Jaden Kuntz.

Here are a few notes of interest on the project:

* Father, son project, father is a software developer and son is a writer, artist, and 3D modelerĀ atĀ 16 years old
* Son (Jaden) is extremely smart and creative – The doctor said he had a 10 yr old vocabulary at 3 yrs old, he was writing like a published author at 8, and now at 16 he has years of 3D modelling experience.
* The game is a fantasy, survivor, first person shooter with some fun and competitive arena play, but it won’t be just another shooter – very different and innovative in many ways.
* The project has already attracted some of the top talent in video game development, including the composer for the Neotokyo soundtrack, Ed Harrison, as well as top concept artists and programmers from around the world.