This was the first art piece I did on my new Motion Computing tablet in 2021.

Honestly, I felt like a kid again. There's nothing like sitting for hours working on little details on a project.

This drawing represents a dream and passion of mine. I love to find old cars in garages, barns, fields, etc.

You know that 62 split window vette that the guy, who never came back from Vietnam, left behind is still sitting there with less than a 100 miles on it right?


This piece was heavily inspired by photography works as seen on

I had this photo set as a wallpaper, and decided that it would make a great meditation and exploration in a drawing.

I find Japan fascinating and hope to visit some day. Though, fear my son will beat me to it. I think that's closer to the top of his list.

This was the first piece that I colorized. It really brought this drawing to life.


Even if you don't ride, there's just something about a motorcycle. I've owned a few bikes in my time, but due to safety hazards (near death experiences) I have chosen to stay with four wheels.

For now, I'll stick to drawing them.

For now.


This much fun should be illegal!

Enteron 5 is being released as an episodic series of "short stories," that when complete, will become a graphic novel, and potentially an animated series, and live action shorts.

Why do I feel that Enteron 5 has the potential to spin off into so many productions?

Enteron 5 is a satire space comedy, with many of the expected sci-fi tropes and cliches, that is made specifically for sci-fi fans. It falls somewhere between Orville, Deep Space Nine, and Firefly.

Speaking as a die hard scfi-fi fan, I think we need something fun like this right now.


Here's a fun little concept sketch I did for a video game idea that my son has where pieces of cities from different worlds are meshed together into battle arenas using "slipgate" technology.

Think 'Stargate Portals' that can transport sections of a city to another planet or location.

Slipgate is on our list of projects, but you'll be hearing about the Maru video game project first, as that's at the top of the list.