Edison Penguin

Here’s a fun project that I am working on for a creative producer/director and friend, Mark Mucha. Edison is “edutainment” for kids with cartoon animations, music, learning and fun! We are currently building their online properties as well as building a series of “edutainment” based video games geared towards 3 to 6 year olds.

Dr. Robert Adams – Navy Seal

Colonel Robert Adams, MD, MBA finished UDT/SEAL training as class leader of BUD/S Class 81. He later became an Army physician and served in combat with the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, and the famed Army DELTA Force in unnamed countries around the world.

When Dr. Bob published his second book, he decided he needed one website to promote both of his works. With a few custom graphics and a custom responsive design, he’s now got his one-stop-shop.

See more at: www.swordsandseals.com

Energy Works Art Gallery

There are a lot of places to buy and sell art online, but not a lot of places where the works are all spiritual energy driven art. Energy Works has a multi-vendor platform we are helping develop that allows spiritual artists to showcase, and sell, their works through the platform.

Awesome Possum Van Works

Awesome Possum Van Works is not only a client, but a client-partner, where we’ve built their web presence in a way that automates the reservations and tracking systems in order to expand their abilities to grow.

See more at: www.awesomepossum.app

Valor for Veterans

Since we’ve put up the Valor for Veterans transparency model website, where you can follow in real-time where the donor dollars are spent, tracking the veterans and their needs as they come through the system, we’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of veterans pay their bills, mortgage, rent, car payments and supplied food, housing, and even jobs.

The Valor for Veterans project is a nonprofit organization that I have donated my time to develop for and support their back and front-end systems so they can stay focused on what they do best.

See: www.valorforveterans.us

Survival Condo

I’ve designed several sites and graphic projects for Larry Hall, Survival Condo project Founder, since I did my first site for him back in 2012.

Interesting project fact: The facility is 17 floors of luxury condos and living support facilities (theater, medical, store, pool, etc.) ALL underground in an old Atlas Missile Silo. I flew out to meet Larry and he gave me a full tour of the facilities. It truly is an engineering marvel!

Note: The logo above the big vault looking doors is also my work.

See: www.survivalcondo.com

The All American Shop

The All American Shop is a brand-new eCommerce site development project that we just completed the design and software configurations on. The concept is obviously centered around selling products that are made in the USA.

This was a pretty straight forward shopping site, with the addition of a forum for Ranchers to sell their animals direct to the public, vendor profiles, and a section for their nonprofit initiatives.

The company is not live yet, so products are not yet available for purchase.

See: www.theallamericanshop.com

MORE Media Group

I was the CTO of MORE Media Group for several years, working with the CEO, Bill Ganz, one of the most sought after media experts in the industry (though semi retired today)  Most of our clients were on a nondisclosure, though you can see many of MORE’s clients simply by typing “Bill Ganz” into Google and clicking the Images option – or click here (celebrities, musicians, big brands, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: This website was built years and years ago, before mobile friendly websites were a thing. It’s probably the oldest website I’ve built that is still operational (in its original form) today. Yes – he needs an update!

Commonwealth Capital

This was a company that I was with for many years and ran an entire software development team to create their auto-vetting systems for companies that they invest in.

Unfortunately, it looks like this 20+ year old VC firm is the next victim to the pandemic. They laid off the team a few months back and today their website seems to be down. 🙁