Discover the multifaceted life of a technology visionary, dedicated father, philanthropist and truth seeker.

A career by accident, literally!

In the vibrant hum of screen printing workshops, as a teenager, Robert discovered his passion for creation. Running presses and crafting designs in the art department, he honed skills that would become the foundation of his diverse career.

Insight: Robert’s first screen printing job came by way of an accident, where at 17, Robert had to work off a fender bender at the car owner’s print shop! That accident would be the beginning to his life-long career in printing and media development.

Becoming Robert Kuntz

Kuntz heritage English translation: Professional

Transforming vision into reality, Robert ventured into entrepreneurship in his 20s. His journey from opening small printing companies to establishing successful enterprises showcases a story of ambition, innovation, and relentless drive.

Insight: In the early 90s, as a partner, Robert helped open and run a large-scale screen printing shop (Z Printing) equipped with state-of-the-art pneumatic presses. In the same era, he opened a postcard print and mail company that scaled to mailing over a quarter million postcards per week. By the time he hit 30, Robert’s diverse experience would help pave the way into a new millennium of digital business.

“Hey everyone! I think this is really going to be something…BIG!”

As the world pivoted to the digital age in the mid-90s, so did Robert. Embracing the new frontier of online media, web, and software development, he acquired notable clients, leaving a digital footprint in the sands of technology’s evolution.

Insight: Robert was a part of, built and ran several successful ventures in the 90s, including creating an online software platform similar to linkedin for Entrepreneurs and business pages. He also helped several clients make the transition to the web in the late 90s that started his career as a web developer.

Leadership Roles – A Seasoned Goof Ball

In the 2000s, Robert’s leadership skills flourished as he became a guiding force in various roles. As CTO and CMO, he shaped the strategies of major marketing agencies, and as VP for a Venture Capital firm, he showcased his extensive business acumen.

Insight: In the mid 2000s to 20-teens, Robert held Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer positions with several notable companies, to include Great Healthworks, More Media Group, Boresha Coffee, as well as made partner and VP of Business Development for a 20 year old Venture Capital Firm, that which he held up until the beginning of the pandemic.

On stage: Introduction as CTO with Bill Ganz
On stage:
Release of Boresha Web Platform
In Studio:
With Austin St John (Red Power Ranger)

Personal Transformation

Amidst professional milestones, Robert’s role as a single father was the essence of his personal journey. Raising his son instilled in him a deep sense of service and empathy, molding not just a successful professional but a compassionate human being.

Insight: Robert got custody of his son at a young age, and worked most of his career as a work-at-home single father, before work-at-home was a thing.

Spiritual Awakening
(Unbecoming Robert Kuntz)

Embarking on a quest for self-discovery, Robert’s travels during the pandemic became a gateway to spiritual awakening. His journey in a “skoolie” across the country symbolizes his pursuit of life’s deeper truths and realizations.

Insight: Today, Robert dedicates his life to serving humanity. Leveraging his vast experience, he crafts tools and systems aimed at uplifting others, a testament to his belief in using one’s abilities for the greater good.

Life is a mosaic, where each experience adds a unique piece, shaping who we become and what we contribute to the world. My path continues to unfold, driven by a zeal for innovation, a commitment to helping others, and an unending quest for understanding the deeper truths of existence.

Robert and Jaden Kuntz

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