Robert Kuntz is currently a Managing Director and Principal at CommonwealthCapital.com and CEO of SprocketNetwork.com, a network of online ’cause-driven’ for-purpose and non-profit Sprockets; online properties that work together to help inspire and cultivate innovation, while making a positive difference in our world.

Since 1991, Robert Kuntz has been engaged in marketing technology, as both an Entrepreneur as well as holding CTO and CMO executive level positions with several small to large companies. He has also consulted for many recognizable business and tech-marketing brands. Robert’s strengths are in technology marketing, software development, social-media business applications, as well as start-up business development.


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Hope Alliance

I get asked a lot, “Why did you start the Hope Alliance?” Being a fairly private person, it’s hard to share my “sob story,” even to those I consider my friends.

I have a lot to be thankful for, but like many Americans today, I am also coming from a place of being lost in a broken system.

I am broken. I am part of a broken system. My family is broken. And it’s now become a generational thing.

From my parent, to a sibling, to my ex-wife, the first half of my life was spent dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.

And though from the eighties into the nineties I did my share of partying, I wasn’t an addict, but it was effecting my entire family around me and coming of age was a very confusing and painful experience.

By my early thirties I had gained full custody of my young toddler son Jaden, who’d been abused by my ex-wife’s boyfriend.

I had no clue how we would make it in life, but I did have a God-given gift of a high IQ and a knack for new technologies. So I built websites and took any paying job I could to put food on the table and keep the lights on for me and my son, living in poverty for many of those early years.

Through all of my life and business lessons, lost family members, business failures and smear campaigns included, I’ve remained felony and DUI free.

I am simply a caring father of a son who has anxiety and PTSD issues from childhood trauma experiences. I am trying to do the best I can to heal the wounds of my past, and that of my family, the best way I know how.

My experiences in life of losing my close family to addiction and cancer, and my extended family to veteran-based PTSD suicide, has driven me to reach out for answers, not just for me and my family, but for all families like mine who suffer from a broken system.

Today, and after a couple of decades of learning my trade and building relationships, I have been fortunate enough to be able to organize a professional team of like-minded people who have also had personal experiences that drive them to support the Hope Alliance; real teams and solutions that positively impact our families and communities in real time.

That’s why I originally organized the concepts behind the newly formed Hope Alliance. I am looking to heal. And I am making tremendous progress through helping others in the best ways that I know how.

The Hope Festival online web-app (6 Days of Hope) is an exciting celebration of film, music and art in support of the Hope Alliance; Several nonprofits that have joined together to provide an amazing holistic community care model. Please join us in support of this hugely impactful initiative! Thank you.

Wishing you much love and peace.

Warm Regards,
Robert Kuntz